Social Media Press Kit (SMPK)

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First and foremost, let’s define what a Social Media Press Kit is.

Social - It’s open to everyone and invites others to view, read and interact with you.

Media - These are the various vehicles that people use these days to get the word out there. What used to be simply TV, newspapers, magazines, etc is now Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and so on.

Press - Back in the day this was the news people. Today, it’s the public at large. Your public. Your audience. The people you want your message to reach, and those whom you want to help spread your message.

Kit - It’s one nice package with everything you need in it.

Ok, now we understand what the individual words mean. Now, what is a Social Media Press Kit?

We have found that websites are about companies. They do not highlight or promote individuals and since business is about people - more specifically, people only do business with people rather than companies doing business with companies - we discovered the immediate and vital need for personal sites that highlight people, make those people accessible and open the door to communication that leads to opportunities.

The Social Media Press Kit is meant to help in the following areas:

  • It gives people the ability to communicate with you in many different ways - Facebook, email, text message, Twitter, Linkedin, Skype message or call or they can simply download your vCard to keep your contact details for future reference.

  • It makes you real to people. With a photo or personal video, it’s a great icebreaker and a quick relationship builder. It’s been discovered through experience that people like to know and see who they are doing business with prior to doing that business. The Social Media Press Kit does that.

  • It makes you easily accessible. With the email signature button that comes with the SMPK, people can simply click on the button in every email you send and quickly access any piece of info about you that they might need to reach you.
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