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Who am I?

Active networker helping others to reach their social networking goals. I have experience and know how in different areas and make this available to my clientbase. Originally, I started in the hardware-space doing hardware-development and testing. Then I moved over into software development in assembler on micro-chips. I developed programs, eg a disk-editor prior to Norton who created the first for MS-DOS. Over the next several years I learned several programming languages and got experienced in managing projects and people.

In 1994 I started my first company providing different consulting services.

Certified Inbound Marketing Professional

By Feb 17th 2010 I got certified as Inbound Marketing Professional.
A more common name for this would be "Certified Social Media Marketing Professional".
I belong now to an exclusive group of 1300 professionals worldwide being on the newest edge of marketing in the 21st century.
Please check out the services I can offer clients for their social media marketing efforts (SEO, Landing-Pages, etc). Get 30 min of your first consultation for FREE!
Additional I offer Social Media Management for clients having not the resources or know-how to do it on their own, please see.
Is your website "Google Caffeine ready"? No?
Check out some useful resources for Inbound Marketing!

Consulting in Tcl/Tk, Project Management and Quality Assurance

I have been working for several big companies, first as employee and later then as consultant throughout Europe.

  • Development in Tcl/Tk
  • Project Management
  • Project Design
  • Quality Assurance and testing

Here you will find more about my Consulting Services


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