The Social Media Press Kit (SMPK) as Virtual Business Card for Jobseekers

In the current times its not easy to land a new job.
The new SMPK is an excellent way to promote yourself, and some times the best way to do this is with the help from a bank loan but for this you have be showing proof of income.

How does this work?
During the setup-process you get an icon with your picture on it – attach it to every mail you send out as it contains the link to your profile.

The SMPK contains a lot of possibilities for self-promotion:
a) your picture – this creates confidence
b) your contact-information to allow quick communication, eg via the “Text me” to your mobile-phone
c) links to your network-profiles, eg on LinkedIn, PLAXO, Twitter (and yes, they can send you a twitter-message too!) or “call me on skype” (in case you use it).
d) 3 pages to provide information about you (do NOT put your CV there!) – a short description of your know-how, etc is way enough. Just so much that the reader wants to know more!
e) and at last: you have 2 additional buttons where you can add a link to your website, blog, etc.

Is there a better way to promote yourself? And you just need to fill it out without the hassles of creating this from scratch!

Me and the creators of the SMPK have a special offer for you:

Get a SMPK for only $199 instead of $299:

Hurry, because this offer ends by Nov 7 2010 – and its restricted to members of special LinkedIn and Facebook groups!

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