Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

Marketing is changing and due to the fact that people are moving more and more into social media, the Inbound style of marketing is more about conversation others are having about your products and services.

The time has passed where you send out tons of emails, letters or faxes to possible targets – or put an ad in a newspaper. The costs are too high to acquire a new client.

People don’t like it when they are interrupted endlessly with Outbound marketing. The way is now to get them interested, communicate with them and direct them to your website where they can interact with you.
The newest researches show that this way costs only a 10th (or less) than before. Additionally your audience increases dramatically, and if they receive value, will spread the word about you.

But this means that you have to change your marketing strategy dramatically. You must present yourself in a much more personal way than before:
“People don’t buy from shops or websites – they buy from people”

This means that you have to create a presence on the internet that people are aware of you – we call this visibility. And that your web presence attracts people to you – and your services and products.
And it will build and raise the awareness of your brand – locally and international.

It will be some effort at the beginning, but it’s long-lasting. An ad in a newspaper has a very short life-time, it costs money – and this multiplies the more often you use it.

This slogan says all:
“Outbound is temporary – Inbound is forever”
There is nothing more to be said.

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