Do I need a huge network to be successful in Inbound Marketing?

Yes and no. It depends on several factors:
- the locations where you want to market (range is from city to world-wide)
- single or multiple products
- how many competitors you have

In case you have a product which needs to be marketed within a smaller area you will be happy with a small, but specialized network. The larger area you want to reach, the more you need to increase your network. It is also beneficial to diversify your network, mainly when your market is international, and you are looking for different market segments i.e., lawyers, doctors, or bankers in other countries.
It’s also helpful to have a presence on different networks – you might stumble upon people who can give you the right introductions to support your marketing efforts.

Generally speaking: build your network before you need it, diversify it.

The rest is up to you! Good luck with your Inbound Marketing.

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