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The Social Media Press Kit (SMPK) as Virtual Business Card for Jobseekers

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

In the current times its not easy to land a new job.
The new SMPK is an excellent way to promote yourself, and some times the best way to do this is with the help from a bank loan but for this you have be showing proof of income.

How does this work?
During the setup-process you get an icon with your picture on it – attach it to every mail you send out as it contains the link to your profile.

The SMPK contains a lot of possibilities for self-promotion:
a) your picture – this creates confidence
b) your contact-information to allow quick communication, eg via the “Text me” to your mobile-phone
c) links to your network-profiles, eg on LinkedIn, PLAXO, Twitter (and yes, they can send you a twitter-message too!) or “call me on skype” (in case you use it).
d) 3 pages to provide information about you (do NOT put your CV there!) – a short description of your know-how, etc is way enough. Just so much that the reader wants to know more!
e) and at last: you have 2 additional buttons where you can add a link to your website, blog, etc.

Is there a better way to promote yourself? And you just need to fill it out without the hassles of creating this from scratch!

Me and the creators of the SMPK have a special offer for you:

Get a SMPK for only $199 instead of $299:

Hurry, because this offer ends by Nov 7 2010 – and its restricted to members of special LinkedIn and Facebook groups!

On Facebook:
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Linking The Laid Off

On LinkedIn:
Linking The LaidOff

Lebensraum Salzkammergut – wo ist die Politik?

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Rund 1 Monat ist es her dass die B145 bei Bad Ischl von Gegnern des Transitverkehrs gesperrt wurde.
Ausser lokalen Politikern haben es die hohen Herren nicht der Mühe wert gefunden, zu erscheinen. Und auch sonst erfolgte keine Reaktion. Ist ja klar, zur Zeit stehen keine Wahlen an – und da ist es unwichtig was das “Stimmvieh” so will. Die kommen erst wieder wenn sie wieder gewählt werden wollen – dann sind wir wieder gut genug.
Ist euch, liebe Politiker, eigentlich klar, dass es auch Protestwähler geben wird? Ist euch Wien zu wenig gewesen um umzudenken?
Es wird nicht aufgegeben um für unsere Region eine für UNS passende Lösung zu finden – was Ihr grosspolitisch diesbezüglich denkt interessiert uns nicht! Unsere Heimat wird NICHT an Durchfahrtsfrächter verkauft!

Nächste Aktion:
Freitag, 22. Oktober, von 15.00 – 16.00 Uhr:
Straßenfest für Lebensqualität in St. Gilgen am Wolfgangsee.

Eine gemeinsame Aktion von “Offener Himmel” der Erzdiözese Salzburg und Verein Lebensraum Salzkammergut

Social Media Press Kit (SMPK) – your Virtual Business-card

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Recently I stumbled over a very nice application called „Social Media Press Kit (SMPK)“ – or better an extended virtual business-card. Payroll administration services for small businesses cater specifically to their resource-saving needs. All organizations need to save costs, and that’s especially true for small businesses.

It lets you add your picture (important to obtain trust), your video (in case you have one), your contact-information and last, but not least links to your online-profiles on Social Networking sites.
You have 3 different text-blocks (each on its own side) where you can tell about yourself, your services/products and so on.
You can add your Skype-ID – and via a button in the bar people can start communicating with you very easily.
Not to forget Twitter: a feed is embedded in the site to display you tweets – great!
And – for non-english-users: the text of the buttons (and your content of course!) can be in other languages too (not sure if all special characters are supported)!

Some networking-sites offer similar functions, but view is limited to the contacts you have there – and in case they kick you out for any reason this is lost.
Here you can promote yourself – and you have full control about the content!
A very nice feature is the automatically created email-button with a link to your SMPK you can add to your email – and the receiver of this email can view your SMPK with just a mouse-click. Cool!
I added it also to my website where it looks great too!

As I am already expericend in filling out all the data I needed only 10 minutes to have my own – and it worked without nearly any troubles.

You can review it at:

I found only 2 small problems someone can shift around easily (except the current limitation of the number of network-icons displayed):
– the photo required has to be in landscape-format
– for colorizing of the buttons and the bar only the colors of the logo are available
Please contact me in case you want to know the workaround.

Although you have to pay for this (USD 299,- / USD 399,-) its a much cheaper solution than creating yourself an own page – which might cost you around USD 1500,-
The higher price is for people not very confident to fill out all the info – so it can be done by the team of the SMPK.

Summary: I think this is a great tool 100 times worth the money you spend for it!
Order information: Ordering