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Trust and Social Networking

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

This issue has been discussed quite often in different places, I want to share my views in this posting.

Fact is that there are a lot of fakes around, so a public profile and a profile-picture is no guarantee (I know several examples). They need to be sorted out first.

How can trust been build between two parties meeting on the web without knowing each other?
When the person has already been around for a while and others can recommend him, then you are fine. Or, you start communcation, preferable via a video-chat. Then you get your personal feelings if you can trust.
Doing a research on Google can bring a lot of results. I had one case in the past where I didn’t find anything negative, but met several people who worked with this person before and he betrayed them…..
So Google alone might not bring you further in your trust-findings.
The only way to build up some sort of relation and building up trust is still
communication, communication and communication…..

What has been my learnings by building up trust?
I expect a useable profile, a history on the web (faked people don’t have it) and the willingness to communicate. A more or less empty profile is a bad sign.
In case it goes into business and company secrets I prefer a personal meeting, or when this is not possible, extensive communication via video-chat with a signed NDA initially.

What can I do myself?
I try to get known to the people around me, share info and communicate. This includes a profile and a recent picture of myself.
Giving the people the feeling through my actions that they can rely on me.