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being “noise” on Ecademy

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Recently Ecademy changed their user-policy where it reduces the functions for free users again.

As free user now I am called “noise” and can’t even repond to messages my contacts send to me. This disables networking completely. Also the few statistics, where the most important one has been how much new users you brought in to their network has been disabled.

So I decided to go into a “sleeping mode” on this network and will no longer send out invites (I sent out several thousands!), Also I left all groups as it seems that I can not longer take part of discussions.

The new price of 20 USD/EUR is far to high to even consider to join as the ROI from this network for me has been more or less zero.

It seems that Ecademy is on the way to remove all free users (which are the majority of their members). By the end this will reduce their members dramatically. Feedback from my networks shows that lot of free members got completely inactive due to the lack of attractive offerings. Does it head to a closed and payed network only? Then Good Luck.

Other networks like LinkedIn, Viadeo and XING did better in this case.

Being well connected on other networks this does not hurt me as I will focus more on my other networks….

Lets see where Ecademy is in one year.

Feedback appreciated.



Stepping into the blogging world

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

In this blog I will randomly publish my thoughts about this and that. Stuff, that comes to my mind. So please bear with me (and my spelling errors 🙂 )