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Who am I?

Active networker helping others to reach their social networking goals. I have experience and know how in different areas and make this available to my clientbase. Originally, I started in the hardware-space doing hardware-development and testing. Then I moved over into software development in assembler on micro-chips. I developed programs, eg a disk-editor prior to Norton who created the first for MS-DOS. Over the next several years I learned several programming languages and got experienced in managing projects and people.

In 1994 I started my first company providing different consulting services.

Certified Inbound Marketing Professional

By Feb 17th 2010 I got certified as Inbound Marketing Professional.
A more common name for this would be "Certified Social Media Marketing Professional".
I belong now to an exclusive group of 1300 professionals worldwide being on the newest edge of marketing in the 21st century.
Please check out the services I can offer clients for their social media marketing efforts (SEO, Landing-Pages, etc). Get 30 min of your first consultation for FREE!
Additional I offer Social Media Management for clients having not the resources or know-how to do it on their own, please see.
Is your website "Google Caffeine ready"? No?
Check out some useful resources for Inbound Marketing!

Consulting in Tcl/Tk, Project Management and Quality Assurance

I have been working for several big companies, first as employee and later then as consultant throughout Europe.

  • Development in Tcl/Tk
  • Project Management
  • Project Design
  • Quality Assurance and testing

Here you will find more about my Consulting Services

Contact Management with ViCo4LN in Lotus Notes

Vico4LN from Notes Solutions Inc

Together with my partner Geoff Poole I founded Notes Solutions Ltd, Newbury, UK. We realized that there is a gap in bringing contact-information from several Social Networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, PLAXO and Viadeo into Lotus Notes. This solution enables the user to import or maintain contact-information by just a mouse-click. In the meantime the business agendas have been moved to Notes Solutions Inc, PA, USA.

Detailed information is available at Notes Solutions Inc.

Contact Management with CMfoni


Networking and electronic communication is rapidly changing and encompasses a wide range of products and services. Maintaining your contact information is not easy, but our package CMFONI can ease this burden.
This package is currently not available, we are working on a much more exciting replacement. Please stay tuned.


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